2017    BA Hons (1st) Performance: Design and Practice, Central Saint Martins

2015    Foundation Diploma in Theatre Design, Camberwell, Wimbledon and                   Chelsea College of Art/UAL


Associate Lecturer 

2018-2019         Visiting practitioner, Performance: design and practice, Central                           Saint Martins, London, UK

2020                  Associate Lecturer, BA Fine Art: Painting, Camberwell College                             of Arts, London, UK

2019-Present     Associate Lecturer, BA Performance: Design and Practice,                                   Central Saint Martin's, London, UK


Artist in Associate 

2018     Artist in Associate for POW, Spread The Word London, London, UK


Assistant Director

2020                  Assistant Director, Edythe Woolley’s Sensitive Plumbing, The                                Yard Theatre, NOW2020, London UK



2017      Tell Us About It: Digital Artefact, London, UK 

2020      Jerwood Arts Bursaries, London, UK 

2020      LADA, Katherine Araniello Bursary, London, UK 


Selected group exhibitions: 

2016    Durational performance and installation, Making a Home, Gedes Gallery,             London-UK

2017    Video piece,I Will Hold Your Gaze, Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College               of Art, London-UK

2017    Durational performance, Heroin, Square London Gallery, London-UK

2017    Video piece, iScream, Hotel Elephant, London-UK  

2017    Video piece, Queer Art(ists) Now, The Mill Co. Project, London-UK

2018    Polaroid photography, Fuck Off: An Art Show, Limbo Limbo, London-UK

2018    Video piece, Paradise Underground,cSugar Cane, London-UK

2018    Polaroids photography, Femmetopia Festival,VFD, London-UK

2018    Polaroids photography,”Mystical Femmes”, Creep Show, Retro Bar,                     London-UK

2019    Polaroids photography,”Mystical Femmes”, VFD10:Punish the streets,                 New Art Projects, London, UK

2019    Prints, Lesley Magazine Exhibition 19 Aug-15 Sep 2019, Horse Hospital               gallery, London-UK

2019    Prints, Spread touring exhibition (Grrrl Zine Fair) 12 Oct-2 Nov,                             Arcadecampfa, Cardiff-Wales

2019    Drawing and print, Gallery Selection, Salon at The Wing London,                         London- UK


Solo exhibition:

2018    Solo Exhibition, Accessibility Note no. 3 Katy Jalili, Galerie AVU,Praha-Czech Republic


2016    ‘Becoming Portraits’, The White Pube: Zayn Malik Zindabad, Lewisham                Arthouse, London-UK

2017    ‘Becoming Portraits’, MicroActs, Hotel Elephant, London-UK 

2017    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Where Dreams Cross, Stockholm-                    Sweden

2017    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Cutie.BPoc Festival, Copenhagen-                    Denmark

2017    ‘#Familiar #Touch’, MicroActs 2, Hotel Elephant, London-UK

2017    ‘#Familiar #Touch’, ThoughtWorks, London-UK

2018    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Femmetopia Special: International                    Women's Day, VFD, London-UK

2019    ‘Women with Moustaches’, MicroActs: Chelsea College of Arts, London-              UK

2019    ‘Women with Moustaches’, MicroActs: Cave Pimlico, London-UK

2019    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Cinema of Sisterhood, Whitechapel                 Gallery, London-UK

2019    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, SQIFF-Official Selection, Glasgow-                  Scotland 

2020    'Zoom on Me' Mystical Femmes, Live Art Club online festival, UK

2020    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Sex and Rage online Festival, UK

2020    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Queer MENA online film Festival,                      Habibi Collective with ShakoMako, Sweden


Print Publications:

2016     Beyound Gender: The Identity of Fashion, Shades of Noir ToR, London,              UK

2016     Women and Non-Binary, Shades of Noir ToR, London, UK

2017     Queer Bodies, Shades of Noir ToR, London, UK

2018     The Orgasm Issue- Katy Jalili, London, UK 

2018     PinkLight:Art work and text, Trans Sex Zine (Vol 1), Minneapolis,                          Minnesota 

2019     Gal-dem Un/Rest Publication: Healing Music and Ancient Heritage,                      London, UK 

2019     Louche Magazine: Genderfvcker: The DIY and Punk Drag Competition,              London, UK



Shades of Noir , I U SHE: Pronouns? What’s that all about?

Shades of Noir, Author, Katy Jalili

Gal-Dem, Author, Katayoun Jalili

Huffington Post, Non-Binary People Need To Take Charge Of Their Own Creative Spaces 

Bustle, Artist Katy Jalili Uses Makeup To Highlight, Not Hide

FEMzine, High Pitched and Moist: An Interview with Tami T

Femmi-Errect, FemmeBoys: A celebration of femme identifying boys


Panels / artist Talks:

2016     Artist Talk, CREN’s 2nd Annual Conference, University of Sheffield                        Humanities Research Institute, Sheffield, UK

2017     Interview, LCC x ICA: Politics of Looking Film Festival, London, UK

2017     Panel Discussion,LCC, queer in the media,London College of                              Communication, London, UK

2018     Panel Discussion, Pride AM: Trail Blazers Event, London, UK

2018     Pride, Past Present Future, Artist panel, UAL x Bishopsgate Institute ,                  London, UK 

2018     Silenced Museum, Intervention Discussion on tackling sexual                              harassment, Ugly Duck, London, UK

2018     ‘Beautiful Fruit’: LGBTQI+ artists on challenging normativity, Space                      studios, London, UK

2019     ‘Queer Panel and Networking’, Arts Student's Union: Arts Unlocked,                     Peckham Levels, London, UK

2019      Artist talk, Intersectionality of Race & LGBTQ Lecture, Central Saint                     Martins,  London, UK

2020      Artist talk, LGBTQ+ History Month, Norwich University of Art, Norwich,                 UK 

2020      Manchester Pride, Pink-washing panel, online conference, Manchester,               UK



2016     Women and Non-binary: Black History Month, Shades of Noir, Central Saint     Martins, London-UK

2017     Queer Bodies, Shades of Noir, London College of Fashion, London-UK

2018     F**k Transmisogyny, Arts Student Union and ArtsFems, London College              of Communication, London-UK



2016     Hausmag: "Discussing Queer Feminism", UK

2016     Libertine Magazine, Identitat Issue, Katy Jalili, Germany

2016     i-D Germany: Outside The Binary Project by JJ Thunderkhat, Germany

2017     Shades of Noir: Katy Jalili performing ‘Menstrulogue’ at Herstory, UK

2017     i-D UK: 5 Queer Artists You Need to Know, UK

2017     BAMM: BRAND ACTIVISM: Katy Jalili, artist & performer, Uk

2018     Dalston Superstore: Katy Jalili, UK


2018     Broadly, "People Show Us the Outfits That Helped Them Embrace Their              Inner Femme"              

2018     Vice: Noisy, How to Run a Truly Inclusive Club Night

2019     i-D: 'All the diverse performers you won't see on rupaul's drag race uk', UK


2016     BBC Radio Asian Network, UK

Student activism

2016/17   Elected women’s officer at Arts student union 

2017/18   Elected welfare officer at Arts student union 

2018/19   Elected welfare officer at Arts student union 

2018/19   Elected non-binary representative at NUS:Trans Conference