2015    Foundation Diploma in Theatre Design, Camberwell, Wimbledon and Chelsea College of Art/UAL
2018    BA Hons (1st) Performance: Design and Practice, Central Saint Martins
Art Exhibition: 

2016    Group Exhibit, Making a Home, Gedes Gallery, London-UK

2017    Group Exhibit, I Will Hold Your Gaze, Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Art, London-UK

2017    Performance/Group Exhibit, Heroin, Square London Gallery, London-UK

2017    Group Exhibit, iScream, Hotel Elephant, London-UK  

2017    Group Exhibit, Queer Art(ists) Now, The Mill Co. Project, London-UK

2018    Group Exhibit, Fuck Off: An Art Show, Limbo Limbo, London-UK​

2018    Group Exhibit, Paradise Underground,Sugar Cane, London-UK

2018    Group Exhibit, Femmetopia Festival,VFD, London-UK

2018    Group Exhibit, "Mystical Femmes" Creep Show, Retro Bar, London-UK​

2019    Group Exhibit, Lesley Magazine Exhibition 19 Aug-15 Sep 2019, Horse Hospital gallery, London-UK

2019    Group Exhibit, Spread touring exhibition (Grrrl Zine Fair) 12 Oct-2 Nov, Arcadecampfa, Cardiff-Wales

2019    Gallery Selection, Salon at The Wing London, London- UK

Solo Exhibition:

2018    Solo Exhibition, Accessibility Note no. 3 Katy Jalili, Galerie AVU,Praha-Czech Republic

Artist in Associate 

2018     Artist in Associate for POW, Spread The Word London, London, UK

Associate Lecturer 

2019-Present    Associate Lecturer, Performance: Design and Practice, Central Saint Martin's, London, UK

2018-2019        Visiting practitioner, Performance: design and practice, Central Saint Martins, London, UK


2016     Women and Non-binary: Black History Month, Shades of Noir, Central Saint Martins, London-UK

2017     Queer Bodies, Shades of Noir, London College of Fashion, London-UK

2018     F**k Transmisogyny, Arts Student Union and ArtsFems, London College of Communication, London-UK


2016     Hausmag: "Discussing Queer Feminism", UK

2016     Libertine Magazine, Identitat Issue, Katy Jalili, Germany

2016     i-D Germany: Outside The Binary Project by JJ Thunderkhat, Germany

2017     Shades of Noir: Katy Jalili performing ‘Menstrulogue’ at Herstory, UK

2017     i-D UK: 5 Queer Artists You Need to Know, UK

2017     BAMM: BRAND ACTIVISM: Katy Jalili, artist & performer, Uk

2018     Dalston Superstore: Katy Jalili, UK


2018     Broadly, "People Show Us the Outfits That Helped Them Embrace Their Inner Femme"              

2018     Vice: Noisy, How to Run a Truly Inclusive Club Night

2019     i-D: 'All the diverse performers you won't see on rupaul's drag race uk', UK


2017     Interview, LCC x ICA: Politics of Looking Film Festival, London, UK

2017     Panel Discussion,LCC, queer in the media,London College of Communication, London, UK

2018     Panel Discussion, Pride AM: Trail Blazers Event, London, UK​

2018     Pride, Past Present Future, Artist panel, UAL x Bishopsgate Institute , London, UK 

2018     Silenced Museum, Intervention Discussion on tackling sexual harassment, Ugly Duck, London, UK

2018     ‘Beautiful Fruit’: LGBTQI+ artists on challenging normativity, Space studios, London, UK​

2019     ‘Queer Panel and Networking’, Arts Student's Union: Arts Unlocked, Peckham Levels, London, UK

Print Publications:

2016     Beyound Gender: The Identity of Fashion, Shades of Noir ToR, London, UK

2016     Women and Non-Binary, Shades of Noir ToR, London, UK

2017     Queer Bodies, Shades of Noir ToR, London, UK

2018     The Orgasm Issue- Katy Jalili, London, UK 

2018     PinkLight:Art work and text, Trans Sex Zine (Vol 1), Minneapolis, Minnesota 

2019     Gal-dem Un/Rest Publication: Healing Music and Ancient Heritage, London, UK 

2019     Louche Magazine: Genderfvcker: The DIY and Punk Drag Competition, London, UK


Shades of Noir​​​,  I U SHE: Pronouns? What’s that all about?

Shades of Noir, Author, Katy Jalili

Gal-Dem, Author, Katayoun Jalili

Huffington Post, Non-Binary People Need To Take Charge Of Their Own Creative Spaces 

Bustle, Artist Katy Jalili Uses Makeup To Highlight, Not Hide

FEMzine, High Pitched and Moist: An Interview with Tami T

Femmi-Errect, FemmeBoys: A celebration of femme identifying boys


2016     BBC Radio Asian Network, UK


2016    ‘Becoming Portraits’, The White Pube: Zayn Malik Zindabad, Lewisham Arthouse, London-UK

2017    ‘Becoming Portraits’, MicroActs, Hotel Elephant, London-UK 

2017    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Where Dreams Cross, Stockholm-Sweden

2017    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Cutie.BPoc Festival, Copenhagen-Denmark​

2017    ‘#Familiar #Touch’, MicroActs 2, Hotel Elephant, London-UK

2017    ‘#Familiar #Touch’, ThoughtWorks, London-UK

2018    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Femmetopia Special: International Women's Day, VFD, London-UK

2019    ‘Women with Moustaches’, MicroActs: Chelsea College of Arts, London-UK

2019    ‘Women with Moustaches’, MicroActs: Cave Pimlico, London-UK

2019    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, Cinema of Sisterhood, Whitechapel Gallery, London-UK

2019    ‘#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures’, SQIFF-Official Selection, Glasgow-Scotland

Student Activism​

2016/17   Elected women’s officer at Arts student union 

2017/18   Eelected welfare officer at Arts student union 

2018/19   Elected welfare officer at Arts student union 

2018/19   Elected non-binary representative at NUS:Trans Conference ​


2017     Tell Us About It: Digital Artefact, UK