Katayoun Jalilipour (1995, Esfahan, Iran) is a genderqueer Iranian born multidisciplinary artist, performer and writer based in the UK.

They often use their own body as the subject to discuss race, gender identity and sexuality, and poke fun and disturb social norms, primarily through performance art as well as digital mediums such as gifs, video and polaroid photography.​​


Writing and student activism: 

Katayoun was a content developer for Shades of Noir between 2016-2018, where they wrote on the topics of social justice, race, gender identity and intersectional feminism. They have also contributed to publications such as gal-dem, Bustle, Huffington post. 

They were an elected welfare officer and trustee board member for Arts Student's Union between 2017-2019, where they led various campaigns around consent culture, sex workers rights and trans rights. 

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Soosk, 2020


#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures, 2017