Katy Jalili (Katayoun Jalilipour) is a genderqueer Iranian born multidisciplinary artist, performer and writer based in London. 

Katayoun writes freelance and has previously written for Shades of Noir on topics of social justice and intersectional feminism. 


They graduated from Performance: Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins in 2017 with a research on documentation of experienced oppression as an act of empowerment, with a focus on the queer femme identity. 


Katayoun’s performance work consists of topics around race, diaspora, gender: trans identity, sexuality and erotica. Their performances cover a variety of night club entertainment, (stand up) comedy, cabaret, live art, and spoken word. 


Katy’s performances have been described as provocative, terrifying, erotic, political and wickedly entertaining. Named as one of the top 5 queer artists in 2017 by i-D, their work continues to break boundaries and capture attention.


Katayoun's visual art work focuses on physicality. They use their own body as the subject to discuss, poke fun, and disturb, through using digital mediums such as gifs, video and polaroid photography. They have exhibited their work nationally and held their first solo show in Academy of Fine Art-Prague (Winter 2018).


In Winter 2018, Katayoun founded Femmi-Errect, a club night which celebrates the talents and lives of Femme identifying people, Trans people and people of colour. Femmi- Errect was created out of the much felt needed space to showcase more femme DJs and performers within a safer party environment for femme people. The night was launched at Dalston Superstore. 


In Summer 2018, Katayoun collaborated with Kat Hudson to bring to life  the first ever Non-Binary drag competition in London, GENDERFVCKER. Frustrated from the lack of experimental spaces for drag performers and the trans exclusionary environment of drag. Katayoun and Kat ran 5 weekly heats and a finale, including talent from across the country centring women, trans and non-binary people.


Katayoun has performed at many high profile and underground queer events globally including: Prime of Ms David Hoyle, Duckie, Latitude Festival, Steakhouse Live, Deep Trash, Femmetopia Festival, Wotever World at Southbank Centre, Camden People’s Theatre, Marlborough Theatre and The ICA.