Dear Woody is inspired by the Woody Allen scandal with Soon-Yi Previn in 1992. Throughout the affair, Previn gave Allen nude polaroids of herself which were then discovered by her mother Mia Farrow.


It explores femme identity, desire, objectification, consent and coercion. 

I simultaneously perform as a prepubescent girl, Woody Allen and myself. At  the end of the performance I take a polaroid that captures my crotch, which

I give to an audience member at the end, preferably an old man.


The polaroid picture itself becomes a disposable desire. Both the brownness and the femininity I perform are a factor in my body becoming an “object of vision” as John Berger describes.

This piece was part of final year of BA research on The 'Femme' Body on Stage: A look at how documenting oppressions can be an act of empowerment in performance making.